We are Back In Business

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Merry Christmas! We are finally back in business. Not so much as an online store, but as a blog. You see, for the longest time ever, I wanted to build a website that could deliver relevant content to my visitors as well as have a degree of interactivity with our customers.

So I bought multiple WooCommerce extensions from both WooCommerce.com and CodeCanyon. I ended up frustrated and even emailed a number of extension developers on ideas they could incorporate in their plugins. Some did, but raised their price to a level beyond my financial ability. Continue reading “We are Back In Business”

Trying To Find Anker & Aukey Power Banks In A Shop? Try Online

Are you looking at where to buy Anker and/or Aukey in our local Malaysian mobile phone & accessories stores? Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it anywhere within the city of KL and Petaling Jaya. Rather, I bet you would find more power banks from brands that you can’t find much information on. This is because Aukey and Anker are not in majority of physical stores nationwide.

But why shouldn’t Anker and Aukey brands commonly found in mobile accessories stores? Read on as we explore the issue. Continue reading “Trying To Find Anker & Aukey Power Banks In A Shop? Try Online”

We Just Switched From TechGarage To DigitalDestiny!

If you’ve come here by clicking on some Google search results and was wondering why we’re DigitalDestiny instead of TechGarage, you’re not in the wrong place. We’ve actually changed names from TechGarage.my to DigitalDestiny.co. There’s still a lot of things to do in our migration, but you can be sure we’re working on it.

But why did we change domains? Read on after the break for more. Continue reading “We Just Switched From TechGarage To DigitalDestiny!”

Why Maxis Malaysia Got Their Pricing Wrong

Maxis pricing wrong

Popularity is very inconsistent. Even more so when it comes to a telco provider in Malaysia. With the recent furore over Maxis Malaysia’s plans, Maxis finally released their new plans and prices. But are their pricing just right and will they gain more customers?

Read on after the break to learn why we feel that perhaps Maxis Malaysia got their pricing wrong. Continue reading “Why Maxis Malaysia Got Their Pricing Wrong”

Five Suggestions On Maxis Malaysia Troubles

Maxis Malaysia recently found itself in hot soup with angry customers demanding for a better package as their competitors, DiGi, Celcom and U Mobile raised the ante with crazy deals. U Mobile even went one step ahead of their competitors with a generous 15GB of data and unlimited phone calls for only RM 70. (so much so that I’m personally tempted to switch out my Celcom line)

So what can Maxis Malaysia do amidst their trouble on social media and where truckloads of customers have been switching out of their plans? Read on after the break for our suggestions on Maxis Malaysia Troubles.

Continue reading “Five Suggestions On Maxis Malaysia Troubles”

Anker PowerCore Series Enter TechGarage

If you haven’t heard of Anker PowerCore yet, we don’t blame you as the Anker PowerCore series is the latest in the power bank series produced by Anker. Anker, the market leader for power banks in the US just introduced a new series of power banks which are lighter and yet more powerful than the previous series, the Anker E series.

Boasting a weight and size reduction factor of about 30% off the previous series, Anker PowerCore and Anker PowerCore+ have made their way to TechGarage in the recent few weeks. Read on more to find out why we are excited over the PowerCore series.

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Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

Netflix which recently launched in Japan, will soon launch in multiple countries, including the one next to us. If you had guessed Netflix Singapore, you have hit the jackpot. With Netflix Singapore, cable TV operators here in Malaysia better be prepared for cable cutting measures.

Why so? With a raging inflation and a currency sinking faster than a coin in the ocean, consumers would be keen to switch to a cheaper alternative. What more when the alternative doesn’t charge you RM 10 per movie played on demand. Plus, the alternative to Astro Malaysia, enables you to watch only when you are free. Or binge. Or just watch however you like it. Continue reading “Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon”

5 Awesome Alternatives To The iPhone 6

Today we are going to talk about alternatives to the iPhone. While we are an iPhone focused publication and online store, at times our friends and readers would need to know if there is indeed a good alternative to the pricey Malaysian iPhones.

And some of you would know that after awhile, updating your iPhone becomes impossible as the hardware becomes to slow to accommodate the iOS updates. And while most of us would love an iPhone, not all of us could afford one especially on a bi-yearly basis.

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