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The Fall Of The Digital SLR Camera


It’s been two and a half years since we exited the camera industry. Once a sunrise industry where opulence, technology and arrogance mixed together, the camera industry has evolved beyond the Digital SLR (and the mirrorless as well). In the industry where rapid growth meant dealers that demanded for “entertainment” to fulfil the lust of their flesh, the equally shocking fall of the digital SLR camera meant the demise of some.

But what happened? What caused the digital SLR to fall so rapidly and not on a bang, but a whimper? Find out more after the break. Continue reading The Fall Of The Digital SLR Camera

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ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

ZUS Smart Charger

Recently, Nonda who produces the ZUS Smart Car Charger, contacted us with the prospect of reviewing the product. At that time, I haven’t yet heard of ZUS nor Nonda, but a quick search on Google showed that ZUS featuring prominently. Nonda is a recently launched startup based out of Palo Alto, California.

After the break, we will find out if the ZUS Smart Car Charger will suit your daily needs. Continue reading ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

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Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2016

postpaid plans 1

Updated : July 2016

The state of telephony and Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia has been evolving. After all, it is only in the recent years that we are presented with smart mobile devices, and then tablets which could surf the net well, while not breaking the various sites we visit.

Also, with the advent of 3G technology in Malaysia and the emergence of DiGi and followed by U Mobile, which rocked the telecommunications industry with their competitive pricing and catchy ads, have made it so much easier to being online and browse the internet via your phone. Continue reading Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2016

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Where To Buy Anker & Aukey Malaysia

Anker & Aukey

Are you looking at where to buy Anker and/or Aukey in our local Malaysian mobile phone & accessories stores? Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it anywhere within the city of KL and Petaling Jaya. Rather, I bet you would find more power banks from brands that you can’t find much information on. This is because Aukey and Anker are not in majority of physical stores nationwide.

But why shouldn’t Anker and Aukey brands commonly found in mobile accessories stores? Read on as we explore the issue. Continue reading Where To Buy Anker & Aukey Malaysia