Introducing modular Smart Phones : No more upgrades needed

Have you ever thought it would be a waste to upgrade to a new phone, when iPhone or Android suddenly releases a new OS and your phone either becomes too slow, or is not able to upgrade? For many of us here in Malaysia, where the latest iPhone could be as much as ten percent of a Malaysian’s salary! (based on the 2013 report on nominal GDP per capita) Continue reading “Introducing modular Smart Phones : No more upgrades needed”

Flora Borsi : Beautiful Time Travel Photoshop

Flora Borsi, who is a Hungarian photographer and photo manipulator since 2004 has again came up with an interesting set of photographs for us. Being a University student with the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Flora Borsi has never failed to astound us. And she does it again with her recent set, Time Travel.

Read more about the Time Travel photoshop set here Continue reading “Flora Borsi : Beautiful Time Travel Photoshop”

Canon and Nikon : What they can learn from Apple

Recently Nikon announced a warning of an upcoming drop in sales for high end removable lens cameras. This basically means both DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and the mirrorless system that Nikon has been developing to counter what seems to be a threat from both Fuji and Olympus. Even Sony has launched a more successful mirrorless system camera than both Canon and Nikon. Continue reading “Canon and Nikon : What they can learn from Apple”