Security Alert : Your iPhone and Mac is vulnerable

If you are an iPhone or a Mac user, please read this and forward to your friends. On the 21st of February 2014, Apple has pushed out an emergency security update for iOS (7.06), which patches a security issue that leaves all your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices vulnerable to have its communications hacked into and have data compromised.

Now, this isn’t too big an issue if you are just storing phone numbers and making phone calls, but if you have personal data, or even worse, use your phone for transactions, kindly upgrade immediately to iOS 7.06. Especially nowadays, we tend to use our iPhones for Paypal and Maybank2U payments. Continue reading Security Alert : Your iPhone and Mac is vulnerable

Sony exits the PC business

Sony has recently announced that they are selling off their PC division to investment fund, Japan Industrial Partners for $490 million. Many of us has seen it coming, as the PC industry has generally been a hard market the last year, as only Lenovo and a few others including Apple made money while most PC makers floundered, as tablets ate into the marketshare of PCs.

Interestingly, both Gartner and IDC reported that sales of PC has dropped by 10% in 2013. The decline follows 5 successive quarters of decline of the industry in a shocking deterioration of the industry which grew healthy 13.8% in what seem a long while ago at 2010. Continue reading Sony exits the PC business

Happy Chinese New Year!

We here at TechGarage would like to wish all our readers, customers and suppliers a very blessed Chinese New Year! Amidst many happenings in Malaysia including price hikes and the upcoming by-election, we like to say that the year of the Horse will definitely be a year of significance for Malaysia. We believe many business will flourish even as the horse runs through open doors. Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year!