Windows Phone vs iPhone : Windows Phone slowly gains

Microsoft is a company at crossroads. While Windows 95 and XP were huge success stories, they face with issues when the smartphone / tablet industry took off, with Apple leading the fray. Windows Mobile was at best, clunky and problematic, as compared to the sleek iOS based iPhone. The original iPhone was launched at the peak of Windows Mobile’s powers in 2007. Back then, Windows Mobile had 42% of the US market share, which dropped at a rate of almost 50% yearly. By 2011, Windows Mobile only had 3% market share for US. Continue reading “Windows Phone vs iPhone : Windows Phone slowly gains”

New Models of Yoobao Power Bank in Malaysia

External Battery Pack for Smart Phones or better known as Power Bank is now a norm if you are a smart phone user. Unless you want to frantically search for a power point every time your smart phone’s battery level goes low, or plugin your smart phone continuously to the wall, it is always a better idea to invest in an affordable but trustworthy power bank. Continue reading “New Models of Yoobao Power Bank in Malaysia”