Vessyl smart cup helps you watch your calories

If you are looking to measure your calories, Vessyl smart cup might be the cup for you. Built by Yves Béhar, the esteemed designer behind Jawbone and the OLPC based on the idea by Justin Lee, a biomedical computing student at Queen’s University seven years ago. Then, he know he wanted to build a device that’s based on the “internet of things”, but he didn’t want it to be a smart lamp, toaster or switch.  Continue reading “Vessyl smart cup helps you watch your calories”

Watch World Cup free, live on your iPhone

Hey there! It’s the World Cup season again, and unfortunately, not all matches will be shown on RTM1, our national Malaysian TV station, unlike Thailand. However, if I were to tell you that you can watch World Cup free live on your iPhone, would you be keen?

As you know, not everyone in Malaysia has Astro. And as we have previously written, buying an Astro package can turn into an expensive monthly affair, which adds up when we calculate our phone bills, car and housing loans and other expenses, could severely deplete your salary. And so, some of us turn to the ever faithful mamak shop, while others have HyppTV, only to be disappointed to find out that HyppTV did not get the contract for World Cup 2014. Continue reading “Watch World Cup free, live on your iPhone”

Anker 40W 5-Port Charger enters TechGarage

If you were waiting, or looking for the definite charger for your smart phones and devices, you have not looked at the wrong place. The Anker 40w 5-Port Charger with PowerIQ is now officially in TechGarage. What makes it more compelling is that we have brought in the 3 pin versions that fits right into your Malaysian socket, as compared to the 2 pin ones.

What makes us so excited about the Anker 40W 5-port charger? Continue reading “Anker 40W 5-Port Charger enters TechGarage”

Lowepro Camera Bag bashed but not broken

My first camera bag was a Lowepro. Bought in the famous Shong Lee camera shop in 1-Utama, the camera bag still faithfully serves me today. Back then, Lowepro was considered the most durable camera bag brand you could find, if you were looking for one. Then came the battalion of camera bags, Think Tank Photo, Vanguard, Tenba and the rest. All the sudden, Lowepro Camera Bag wasn’t the only camera bag brand in town anymore. Continue reading “Lowepro Camera Bag bashed but not broken”

Apple announces WWDC 2014 Design Award Winners

Every year, at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple would announce the Apple Design Award winners, and it’s the same this year, whereby at the end of the just launched WWDC 2014‘s first day in San Francisco, Apple announced a list of twelve winners. The winners were chosen on the basis of being able to “combine design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways”.   Continue reading “Apple announces WWDC 2014 Design Award Winners”

Apple’s WWDC 2014 to launch today

If you have been waiting with great anticipation for news on the iPhone 6, iWatch and updates to Apple’s line of products like us, you would be excited to know WWDC 2014 is due today, at 10am Pacific time. (About an hour plus from our time of writing.)

If you have an Apple TV, you may view the WWDC 2014 live via the Apple Events channel. Otherwise, you may stream it live via Apple’s website using Safari on OSX or iOS or QuickTime 7 on Windows.. Still, we think viewing WWDC is best done live or via Apple TV, as live streaming is always lagging in Malaysia, even if you are on Maxis Fiber or Telekom’s Unifi. Continue reading “Apple’s WWDC 2014 to launch today”

Samsung Z with Tizen launches officially

Samsung has finally launched it’s first Tizen phone in form of Samsung Z. Following much speculation and years of development since 2011, the Tizen project was always suspected to be Samsung’s trump card as it tries to break from being dominated by Google’s Android restrictive licensing. It would also mean that Samsung would have to shoulder the burden to build Tizen’s eco-system, as Tizen’s licensing is said to be complicated as well. Continue reading “Samsung Z with Tizen launches officially”