GoPro Hero – Affordable Action Cameras Coming Soon

If you have been looking for affordable action cameras and don’t want to purchase one of those China brands that might be lacking in either image quality, features and warranty or even all these three attributes, you might be keen to know that GoPro will be launching the cheaper, affordable, low-end version of their action cameras, called simply the GoPro HERO. Continue reading “GoPro Hero – Affordable Action Cameras Coming Soon”

The evolution of the iPhone (from iPhone 2G to iPhone 6)

The iPhone has been around since 2007, having made such an impact on the phone scene and causing brands like Nokia and BlackBerry to stutter. Amidst┬áthe recent launch of the iPhone 6 and the ever long queue and waiting period in Malaysia for an iPhone, insurance company Protect Your Bubble decided to take a look back at the evolution of the iPhone 1, beginning from the first model, the iPhone 2G, all the way to the latest iPhone. Continue reading “The evolution of the iPhone (from iPhone 2G to iPhone 6)”

The iPhone 6 BendGate Controversy : Read this first

If you have been waiting for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for sometime as a replacement for your Samsung Galaxy Note, perhaps it would be wiser to hold off your purchase of Apple’s latest smart phone model for now.

The iPhone 6 has been long touted to be revolutionary, with various new features like the Healthkit app, a better built-in camera with a f/2.2 lens, Apple Pay, among other features. However, the discovery that the iPhone 6 Plus bends under a certain amount of pressure on the edge of the phone, comes to a shock to many as it was never advertised on Apple’s marketing materials on the iPhone 6.

What does the iPhone 6 BendGate controversy mean? Continue reading “The iPhone 6 BendGate Controversy : Read this first”

Phorce Pro Power Bank is the only one you need

Have you heard of Phorce Pro? Neither have we until recently, but wow, we have been bowled over by Phorce’s Pro bag, which is a cleverly designed power bank in the form of a smart and elegant bag. It even tells you how much charge it is carrying.

With Phorce jumping the ‘smart’ devices bandwagon, the Phorce Pro Power Bank is also smartly designed to communicate the latest battery level with your smart phone via an Android or iOS app. Now, that is already smart, but check this out. The Phorce Pro also lets you know if you have accidentally left the bag behind. Continue reading “Phorce Pro Power Bank is the only one you need”