Discounted Cameras Points To Shrinking DSLR Market

I was browsing through the news today when I came across the headlines that almost all camera manufacturers were offering significant discounts in the United States amidst the strong dollar, slow camera sales and upcoming Black Friday. Frankly, Black Friday or any other festive days are just opportunities for brands like Canon and Nikon to clear their surplus inventory. The question we would like to tackle today is, ‘Why are Camera Manufacturers clearing their inventory?’ Continue reading Discounted Cameras Points To Shrinking DSLR Market

Metz Insolvent : Jobs Affected

Have you heard of Metz? Popularly known in Germany for their expensive television sets (at least expensive to our Malaysian standards), Metz is better known in the photography circles as the flash maker and other kinds of photography related accessories. Though they also make strobes, these pricey strobes has not caught on much with the ailing Malaysian and Singaporean photography market. Continue reading Metz Insolvent : Jobs Affected

Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday

Hey there! If you have been waiting for your dream camera or would like to upgrade your current model, but have yet to commit to buying one, you are at the right place! Black Friday is happening in the United States very soon and you would be able to grab dream deals soon. Because of the strong dollar and slow camera sales, many camera manufacturers have decided to drop their prices to move inventory for Black Friday. Continue reading Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday

WordPress Optin Forms : SumoMe Review

As part of our series of review on the Web and interesting software, we have done a series of reviews on finding out the Best WordPress Plugins out there. We have started with reviews to find out which plugin is the best in terms of lead generation for the mailing list, especially via Optin Forms (or properly spelled as Opt-in forms). Previously we have covered a number of major brands in the WordPress industry, including OptinMonster and Ninja Popups. If you haven’t read them, just click on the link to see which one suits you best Continue reading WordPress Optin Forms : SumoMe Review