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The Fall Of The Digital SLR Camera

It’s been two and a half years since we exited the camera industry. Once a sunrise industry where opulence, technology and arrogance mixed together, the camera industry has evolved beyond the Digital SLR (and the mirrorless as well). In the...Read More

Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2016

Updated : July 2016 The state of telephony and Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia has been evolving. After all, it is only in the recent years that we are presented with smart mobile devices, and then tablets which could surf...Read More

Why You Should Join AngelHack

AngelHack Kuala Lumpur (or AngelHack KL for short) was recently concluded with 370 participants and numerous teams competing for the grand prize of a 12-weeks invite to the AngelHack HACKcelerator program and the chance to be in Silicon Valley for...Read More

Five Reasons To Learn Coding

As the global economy stutters and Malaysians struggle with retrenchment, 1MDB and rising costs of living, there is one job that doesn’t get affected by the local enonomy. Coding might have been a boring, dead end job that didn’t pay...Read More