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Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review

Recently, my old Crumpler messenger bag started giving way, causing me to reluctantly look for a new bag. Having sold camera bags before this, I was looking for a bag that works well for a digital nomad/startup founder while being able to support a DSLR camera and several lenses for the occasional event.

This brought me to an adventure, visiting various shops in Digital Mall and prominent shops like Eng Tong, BratPack and YL Camera. However, after trying out various camera bags and laptop bags, I couldn’t find something satisfactory. Some had really thin material that isn’t suitable for robust usage, while lacking proper reinforcements for prolonged heavier weight usage. Others weren’t comfortable, while some didn’t consider proper design for the laptop compartment.

During that moment of frustration, I found Greenroom136 while considering Timbuk2. And it has been an epiphany. Read on for more of our Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review after the break. Continue reading Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review

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ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Recently, Nonda who produces the ZUS Smart Car Charger, contacted us with the prospect of reviewing the product. At that time, I haven’t yet heard of ZUS nor Nonda, but a quick search on Google showed that ZUS featuring prominently. Nonda is a recently launched startup based out of Palo Alto, California.

After the break, we will find out if the ZUS Smart Car Charger will suit your daily needs. Continue reading ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

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Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2016

Updated : July 2016

The state of telephony and Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia has been evolving. After all, it is only in the recent years that we are presented with smart mobile devices, and then tablets which could surf the net well, while not breaking the various sites we visit.

Also, with the advent of 3G technology in Malaysia and the emergence of DiGi and followed by U Mobile, which rocked the telecommunications industry with their competitive pricing and catchy ads, have made it so much easier to being online and browse the internet via your phone. Continue reading Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia 2016

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Trying To Find Anker & Aukey Power Banks In A Shop? Try Online

Are you looking at where to buy Anker and/or Aukey in our local Malaysian mobile phone & accessories stores? Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it anywhere within the city of KL and Petaling Jaya. Rather, I bet you would find more power banks from brands that you can’t find much information on. This is because Aukey and Anker are not in majority of physical stores nationwide.

But why shouldn’t Anker and Aukey brands commonly found in mobile accessories stores? Read on as we explore the issue. Continue reading Trying To Find Anker & Aukey Power Banks In A Shop? Try Online

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Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Best Affordable Power Banks

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia

Looking for the Aukey Power Bank in Malaysia but find it hard to find a proper dealer? Or perhaps you haven’t heard of Aukey power banks yet and want to find out more about the brand before deciding on your purchase?

Read on after the break as we bring you our article on Aukey Power Bank Malaysia, the best value power bank and wall chargers in town. Continue reading Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Best Affordable Power Banks

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5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An iPhone

The iPhone is an iconic object, the dream of tech geeks and the reason of some scandals in China. It is something everybody seems to be carrying and if you don’t have one, you might seem out of place. But should you buy an iPhone? Or why should you not buy an iPhone? And does buying an iPhone pay off in the long run?

Read on as we explore this topic on our favourite tech device, together after the break.

Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An iPhone