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Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

Netflix which recently launched in Japan, will soon launch in multiple countries, including the one next to us. If you had guessed Netflix Singapore, you have hit the jackpot. With Netflix Singapore, cable TV operators here in Malaysia better be prepared for cable cutting measures.

Why so? With a raging inflation and a currency sinking faster than a coin in the ocean, consumers would be keen to switch to a cheaper alternative. What more when the alternative doesn’t charge you RM 10 per movie played on demand. Plus, the alternative to Astro Malaysia, enables you to watch only when you are free. Or binge. Or just watch however you like it. Continue reading Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

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Merdeka Postpaid Deals 2015

This Merdeka sees Celcom releasing a salvo against their competitors with a time limited Merdeka Postpaid Deals offer. While U Mobile has continued their assault with their increased data quota for postpaid plans, Celcom seeks to steal the march over their rivals with two great deals.

Continue after the break to find out the various Merdeka Postpaid deals.

Continue reading Merdeka Postpaid Deals 2015

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Five Things To Consider When Buying A Smartphone

Buying a smartphone can be a frustrating task to say the least with so many factors to consider. As such, we here at TechGarage have compiled a list of things to consider when buying a smartphone. This list comes from our very own experience of being frustrated with smartphone hunting in the halls of Lowyat and Imbi Plaza here in KL, with the high propensity of being cheated to say the least.

Will this list be the final answer to all your smartphone search needs? Perhaps not. But we hope that we are able to help you cut down on the time spent to search and evaluate, and instead spend the time to enjoy the phone. Continue reading Five Things To Consider When Buying A Smartphone

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Malaysian Camera Shop Yamiya closes down

If you have been in the Malaysian photography scene for the last few years, you would have heard of the Malaysian camera shop named Yamiya. Started by a Mr. Yam Seng Yiep of Cheras, KL, Yamiya was one of the trailblazers in the Malaysian photography scene as an ecommerce store when many retailers were still brick and mortar.

Back then, it was a head-to-head battle between Yamiya and Shashinki, another trailblazer Malaysian camera shop that started earlier. Shashinki, which started back in 2005 had the lead in terms of popularity and crowd base as the owner of Shashinki also ran Continue reading Malaysian Camera Shop Yamiya closes down

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Metz Insolvent : Jobs Affected

Have you heard of Metz? Popularly known in Germany for their expensive television sets (at least expensive to our Malaysian standards), Metz is better known in the photography circles as the flash maker and other kinds of photography related accessories. Though they also make strobes, these pricey strobes has not caught on much with the ailing Malaysian and Singaporean photography market. Continue reading Metz Insolvent : Jobs Affected

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Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday

Hey there! If you have been waiting for your dream camera or would like to upgrade your current model, but have yet to commit to buying one, you are at the right place! Black Friday is happening in the United States very soon and you would be able to grab dream deals soon. Because of the strong dollar and slow camera sales, many camera manufacturers have decided to drop their prices to move inventory for Black Friday. Continue reading Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday