Other than writing about Apple products and cameras, we sometimes write about general technology that might interest you. To keep it simple, we will only write on a few specific items that we have in depth knowledge about and that we are sure to be able to help you.


Merdeka Postpaid Deals 2015

This Merdeka sees Celcom releasing a salvo against their competitors with a time limited Merdeka Postpaid Deals offer. While U Mobile has continued their assault with their increased data quota for postpaid plans, Celcom seeks to steal the march over...Read More

Malaysian Camera Shop Yamiya closes down

If you have been in the Malaysian photography scene for the last few years, you would have heard of the Malaysian camera shop named Yamiya. Started by a Mr. Yam Seng Yiep of Cheras, KL, Yamiya was one of the...Read More

Metz Insolvent : Jobs Affected

Have you heard of Metz? Popularly known in Germany for their expensive television sets (at least expensive to our Malaysian standards), Metz is better known in the photography circles as the flash maker and other kinds of photography related accessories....Read More

Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday

Hey there! If you have been waiting for your dream camera or would like to upgrade your current model, but have yet to commit to buying one, you are at the right place! Black Friday is happening in the United...Read More