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The Fall Of The Digital SLR Camera

It’s been two and a half years since we exited the camera industry. Once a sunrise industry where opulence, technology and arrogance mixed together, the camera industry has evolved beyond the Digital SLR (and the mirrorless as well). In the industry where rapid growth meant dealers that demanded for “entertainment” to fulfil the lust of their flesh, the equally shocking fall of the digital SLR camera meant the demise of some.

But what happened? What caused the digital SLR to fall so rapidly and not on a bang, but a whimper? Find out more after the break. Continue reading The Fall Of The Digital SLR Camera

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The iPhone Killed The Camera Lah

I was just browsing through the net when I found Om Malik’s post on the standalone camera being shot (dead) by the iPhone.1 Now, if you were wondering who Om Malik is, he is the founder of the popular site. You see, the writing has been on the wall for sometime. The iPhone isn’t killing the camera. No, the iPhone killed the camera. And for extra effects to the tune of the song, ‘Video killed the Radio Star’, its the iPhone killed the camera lah (to the tune of the song). Continue reading The iPhone Killed The Camera Lah

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Xiaomi Launches GoPro Competitor At Half The Price

Have you heard of Xiaomi, the Chinese company that has been making waves by dethroning Samsung in Malaysia as the most popular Android phone brand? Surely you have. Xiaomi has been making outrageous moves in the smartphone market which is only matched by brands like Oppo and Huawei, among others.

But wait, the best have not come. Xiaomi just launched a GoPro Competitor at half the price and twice the specs! Priced at only USD 64 or 399 Yuan, the Yi Action Camera comes with far more capabilities than the cheapest GoPro, the GoPro Hero.

Will the Yi Action Camera be good enough? Read our take after the break Continue reading Xiaomi Launches GoPro Competitor At Half The Price

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Camera Malaysia : Why Aren’t You Shooting?

I just read an interesting article by Mayflower Concept’s Heino Hilbig, who previously served as the Head of Marketing for Casio and the European Marketing Director for Olympus before starting his own consulting firm in the form of Mayflower Concepts.1

Heino presented about the reason of the photography market collapse and insisted that it definitely isn’t caused by smartphones nor a saturation of the market, but an issue of redesigning camera concepts and simplifying the eco system. Is he correct? Sadly, at TechGarage, we have can’t fully agree. Continue reading Camera Malaysia : Why Aren’t You Shooting?

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Discounted Cameras Points To Shrinking DSLR Market

I was browsing through the news today when I came across the headlines that almost all camera manufacturers were offering significant discounts in the United States amidst the strong dollar, slow camera sales and upcoming Black Friday. Frankly, Black Friday or any other festive days are just opportunities for brands like Canon and Nikon to clear their surplus inventory. The question we would like to tackle today is, ‘Why are Camera Manufacturers clearing their inventory?’ Continue reading Discounted Cameras Points To Shrinking DSLR Market