FStoppers reviews the Pocketwizard Nikon FlexTT5, Mini TT1 and AC3

Learning to use your PocketWizard? Or are you new to the wireless trigger thingy and wonder, “Hmm, why should I pay so much for a PocketWizard system?”  Fstoppers, the insanely informative video site for creative professionals, reviews the PW, demonstrating it’s capabilities, while teaching us a few tricks along the way. Video after the break Continue reading “FStoppers reviews the Pocketwizard Nikon FlexTT5, Mini TT1 and AC3”

Remarkable Engineering: Review on Markins Ballhead M-10


Having a ball head dramatically changed the speed and ease of my photography. I was rather stifled by the traditional 3-way pan-and-tilt heads. With the pan-and-tilt head, one had three separate knobs/handles to move in order to get a setup in the right position. With the ball head, there’s just one knob to loosen and with the other hand you can adjust the camera freely in almost any position, tighten the knob and you’re all done.  Continue reading “Remarkable Engineering: Review on Markins Ballhead M-10”

Amazon’s Kindle Fire launched

Amazon just launched their USD 199.00 tablet named the Kindle Fire. Aimed at the growing tablet market, Kindle Fire could potentially put a dent into the growing iPad 2 sales, and the upcoming iPad 3. Some say that other Android tablets might be affected too. What do you think?

Will it be sold in Malaysia? Will Tech shops or camera shops be keen to pick it up?  Will the current state of credit card fraud in Malaysia cause Amazon not to sell the Kindle Fire to Malaysia? These are question we all ask, and we’ll look into it for you. Continue reading “Amazon’s Kindle Fire launched”