Anker PowerCore Series Enter TechGarage

If you haven’t heard of Anker PowerCore yet, we don’t blame you as the Anker PowerCore series is the latest in the power bank series produced by Anker. Anker, the market leader for power banks in the US just introduced a new series of power banks which are lighter and yet more powerful than the previous series, the Anker E series.

Boasting a weight and size reduction factor of about 30% off the previous series, Anker PowerCore and Anker PowerCore+ have made their way to TechGarage in the recent few weeks. Read on more to find out why we are excited over the PowerCore series.

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Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

Netflix which recently launched in Japan, will soon launch in multiple countries, including the one next to us. If you had guessed Netflix Singapore, you have hit the jackpot. With Netflix Singapore, cable TV operators here in Malaysia better be prepared for cable cutting measures.

Why so? With a raging inflation and a currency sinking faster than a coin in the ocean, consumers would be keen to switch to a cheaper alternative. What more when the alternative doesn’t charge you RM 10 per movie played on demand. Plus, the alternative to Astro Malaysia, enables you to watch only when you are free. Or binge. Or just watch however you like it. Continue reading Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

Merdeka Postpaid Deals 2015

This Merdeka sees Celcom releasing a salvo against their competitors with a time limited Merdeka Postpaid Deals offer. While U Mobile has continued their assault with their increased data quota for postpaid plans, Celcom seeks to steal the march over their rivals with two great deals.

Continue after the break to find out the various Merdeka Postpaid deals.

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5 Awesome Alternatives To The iPhone 6

Today we are going to talk about alternatives to the iPhone. While we are an iPhone focused publication and online store, at times our friends and readers would need to know if there is indeed a good alternative to the pricey Malaysian iPhones.

And some of you would know that after awhile, updating your iPhone becomes impossible as the hardware becomes to slow to accommodate the iOS updates. And while most of us would love an iPhone, not all of us could afford one especially on a bi-yearly basis.

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Get Affordable GST Accounting Software In Malaysia

The GST implementation is happening by the 1st of April this year, which means we are left with less than a month. Are you still finding for the right or the best GST Accounting Software in Malaysia? Is the cost way too high for you, or are you worried that you would need to pay thousands of ringgit to switch your systems?

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Xiaomi Launches GoPro Competitor At Half The Price

Have you heard of Xiaomi, the Chinese company that has been making waves by dethroning Samsung in Malaysia as the most popular Android phone brand? Surely you have. Xiaomi has been making outrageous moves in the smartphone market which is only matched by brands like Oppo and Huawei, among others.

But wait, the best have not come. Xiaomi just launched a GoPro Competitor at half the price and twice the specs! Priced at only USD 64 or 399 Yuan, the Yi Action Camera comes with far more capabilities than the cheapest GoPro, the GoPro Hero.

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