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PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver Radio Trigger 433Mhz

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The PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver Radio Trigger is a highly versatile and robust radio trigger that is compatible with all prior FCC-version PocketWizards, as well as most flash and camera systems.

Compared to it’s competitors, the PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver comes with advanced functions and is the market leader and founder of 3rd party radio trigger systems worldwide.

The Plus III models here on TechGarage are on 433MHz, which is the CE model and compatible with Europe and Asia (with exception of Japan and USA). If you are using a version of PocketWizard with a different frequency, this model would not work for you.

However, all Plus IIIs are backward compatible with the other PocketWizard models.


32 Channels
Featuring 16 standard and 16 Quad-Zone Triggering channels, finding an open channel to use is simplified and efficient. Switching between channels is accomplished with one-touch operation.
Quad-Zone Triggering
You can program up to 4 working zones for remote control of flashes. This allows you the ability to wirelessly activate and deactivate your flashes, enabling you to remain in camera position without having to manually adjust lighting setups. This is ideal for using multiple lighting setups and managing remote cameras as needed.
Auto-Sensing Transceiver
When set in TxRx mode, the transceiver is able to instantly switch between transmitter and receiver modes for the greatest amount of flexibility. You can also manually override this and choose to have it act as a dedicated transmitter or receiver.
Auto-Relay Mode
When using 3 PocketWizard radios; you can remotely trigger a camera to fire and trigger a flash simultaneously. Utilizing the Auto-Sensing technology, the transceiver mounted to the camera can instantly receive a signal from an auxiliary transceiver, and then instantly convey the transmission to a remote flash. This provides a simplistic and highly efficient remote workflow.
Long Range Capability
When used in ideal conditions, this transceiver is capable of producing and receiving a signal up to 1640′ / 500m away. When conditions are not ideal for a long range transmission, Long Range mode can be used to nearly double the effective range of the signal. There is also Repeater mode, which will repeat the signal several times, increasing the possibility of a successful transmission at long range.
High Speed Capability
When in High Speed Receive mode, this transceiver is capable of triggering cameras or flashes up to 14.5 fps. Normal performance also permits triggering up to 12 fps. It is also capable of sync speeds up to 1/250 sec. for focal plane shutters and 1/500 sec. for leaf shutters.
Simplified User Interface and Design
Clearly displayed on a 1″ / 2.5cm backlit LCD, all of the channels, zones, and modes can be configured using a soft-touch keypad. The design of the transceiver also incorporates a side-view LCD for easier viewing and an internal antenna for a less obtrusive appearance.
Wide Compatibility and Connectability
The transceiver is easily attached to most cameras through the hot shoe, with no extraneous cables required. For attaching to remotes and lights, there is an all-in-one sync port for wide compatibility. Cables are included for attaching from miniphone to miniphone, miniphone to phono, and miniphone to PC sync for cameras without a hot shoe. It is also compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters and receivers (of the same frequency) as well as PocketWizard-enabled lighting and metering equipment. The Plus III is powered by 2 x AA batteries and can be kept up to date with firmware updates utilizing the USB port.

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