Cheapest And Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia

If you are considering getting an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, look no further. We here at TechGarage have compiled the list of iPhone 6 plans for your usage and yes, it is an interesting one. For starters, with the raft of plans available from all three telco providers and the variations compared to 2013, it can be confusing and hard to look for the best deal according to our needs.

After all, if you are a light user, perhaps you would prefer a lower commitment plan. Or if you make a lot of phone calls, perhaps a plan that caters for that or caters for unlimited phone calls would be better. Finally, if you need to use much data, then finding a complimentary plan would help.

Before we continue, here is the dynamic table for iPhone 6 plans from the three major telcos in Malaysia, namely Celcom, DiGi and Maxis. If you are however, considering general postpaid mobile plans for Malaysia, perhaps our other article here would help you. Continue reading Cheapest And Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia